Why is gucci ranked first???

A luxury brand is young enough, one of the important indicators is the degree of brand digital. With the gradual recovery of the global luxury industry, in addition to products, digital is becoming an important driving force for the brand’s future development. According to the eighth “2017 American Fashion Brand Digital Index Report” released recently by Business Advisory Body L2, Gucci beat the other 89 competitors this year to become the luxury brand with the highest digital index this year thanks to a diversified and intensive digital marketing campaign. Digital survey agency L2 The annual luxury brand digital index report is one of the industry’s most watched rankings.

In the latest report, L2 evaluated the performance of 90 brands of e-commerce, digital marketing, social media and mobile app to get the digital index and ranking of each brand. Ranked second is the United States light luxury brand Michael Kors. Michael Kors currently has over 38 million followers on social media. The top 10 followed by Fendi, Burberry, LV, Coach, Hugo Boss, Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Salvatore Ferragamo. However, the report also shows that 2017 is still a tough year for luxury brands, and the digitization of luxury brands lags behind other areas. Amazon and other e-commerce platform, discount sites, second-hand resold platforms and other new protagonists and department stores winter has also become a luxury brand’s own digital influence resistance.

Brian Lee, L2’s director, also said these luxury brands have been threatened by emerging ecommerce brands such as Everlane, Reformation and others.

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