Customs seized more than 3000 counterfeit products

Recently, the law enforcement agencies of both China and the United States successfully broke a large-scale cross-border infringement on intellectual property crimes and destroyed a transnational criminal network selling and selling counterfeit brand-name goods through the Internet in countries such as the United States. China’s public security organs arrested 36 suspects, destroyed 7 counterfeit and forged fake dens and seized more than 3,000 brands of leather goods, bags, glasses, watches and accessories, including counterfeit “Louis Vuitton”, “Gucci”, “Rolex” and “Cartier” Identify a total sales volume of 100 million yuan, the United States law enforcement agencies simultaneously on their domestic websites and batch ordering fake investigation.

According to reports, earlier this year, according to the report of the obligee, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau found that an English website that published information on counterfeit brand-name products was dug up and led to Zhuangmou. It used the website to receive orders and sold counterfeit goods to the United States and other countries and regions Brand-name criminal gangs. In order to thoroughly investigate the case, the Ministry of Public Security informed the Department of Homeland Security of the case clues, and the two sides decided to take joint law enforcement actions to crack down on criminal activities of transnational intellectual property infringement. After mutual investigation by both parties, Zhuangmou et al continued to receive customer order information pushed by the website in Guangzhou, and organized the production of counterfeit goods sources through market purchases or entrusted underground dens. According to the consignee address provided by the orders, they utilized their own freight forwarding Packets and customs clearance company, and then through international courier channels to the United States and other countries and regions, customers send.

In mid-July of this year, the Ministry of Public Security organized and directed the public security organs in Guangdong Province to dispatch police officers to conduct centralized network collection and recovery operations in connection with production, storage and export. In one stroke, the department broke through the whole case and obtained a large amount of orders from domestic customers in the United States. From the review of the situation, many customers know that the purchase of counterfeit goods and the purchase of a larger number of sales in the United States suspects committing sales. In order to completely eradicate the entire transnational crime industrial chain, at the invitation of the U.S. side, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security sent a team of police officers to the United States to conduct joint investigations and evidence collection work by the end of August this year. At present, the two sides are conducting an in-depth investigation around the web server in the United States and its potential wholesale sales network in the country.

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