How can you be enrolled in those famous brand companies??

Want to go to Tommy Hilfiger’s design headquarters in Amsterdam? Consider applying to Kingston University, where students have worked with the brands of the PVH Group. Or are you passionate about tailoring? Brioni, the men’s underwear brand of Kering, runs a selection competition every school year in cooperation with London’s Royal College of Art and recruit intern trainees at the school.

The days of blind sea-going are gone forever. To establish the reputation of a good employer and recruit top talent, industry-leading luxury brands are now working on a formal plan with top fashion academies. These programs are now often the key to successful entry-level positions at leading fashion houses, whether they are the Center for Sustainable Fashion at the Kaiser Group and the London College of Fashion or the EDC Parisian economy The Sup de Luxe, established by the Business School of Business Administration, offers master’s and bachelor’s degrees in global luxury management and financial support from Richemont’s Cartier.

“It’s a partnership that’s been more used nowadays,” said Karen Harvey, a senior headhunter who delivers creative and commercial executives to the fashion industry. “Through these long-term relationships, companies have more than one opportunity to reach out to students Secondary cooperation is not just for investment.

Reporters investigated the industry’s top three fashion groups and institutions of cooperation, here we clarify the brand and the world’s leading fashion colleges formed formal and informal partnerships.

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