Will North Korea take any further action??

U.S. President Trump arrived in Tokyo on the 5th of this month and officially started his visit to five Asian countries. He will then visit South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. It is understood that Trump’s ten-day ten-day visit to Asia is the longest-serving Asian visit to the United States for the past 25 years. The positions of all parties on geopolitical issues, trade and other issues will be closely watched. According to foreign media reports, the prime objective of Trump’s visit is to calm down and resolve the worsening North Korea nuclear crisis this year.

As tensions in the Korean Peninsula rise, Trump is ready to unite North Korea on this trip through Asia. He said he will soon decide whether North Korea will be included in the list of countries that support terrorism and the U.S. government plans to take new measures to solve the North Korean issue. Prior to his visit to China, Trump hoped to reach agreement with the leaders of Japan and South Korea on North Korea so as to persuade China to take further steps to contain North Korea.

The gold market will pay close attention to whether North Korea took any new action during Trump’s visit. CNN reported last month that North Korea may once again test the ICBM during Trump’s visit to Asia. Once the risk aversion rebound, gold is expected to regain momentum.

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