GUCCI should have abandoned the fur products

Yes, this news has been open, really make people in the fashion circle can not stand it. Although this move in the name of environmental protection by the majority of the people moving support, but also brought a new problem – the grace of the range of children’s fur is about to exit the stage of GUCCI, the trend of what should go from here?

Of course, GUCCI is not stupid, environmental protection and environmental protection, making money this matter still have to continue. According to informed sources, there is no fur, leather will be the next leading fashion trends GUCCI object. As Marco Bizzarri, chief executive of GUCCI, puts it, there are many different ways of expressing ideas and fur is no longer the single option.

In many people’s eyes, the leather is far behind with the fur, not as good as fur or fur luxury. If you also exist such an idea, then I can only say that your misunderstanding of the leather can be more than a little bit. So things should not be late, to tell you today to catch up with everything to catch up with the trend of leather, leather how to choose a single product?

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