Gucci announced the use of leather instead of fur

Following the luxury brand Armani announced the fall and winter 2016 series no longer use fur, the team has become more and more, this is not, just a few days ago, has always been unusual cucci also solemnly announced that the company will from spring 2018 Summer series began to no longer use fur, officially joined the International Union of zero-fur.

In fact from a very early start, the fashion circle blew the wave of rejection of the use of fur, the trend is in the name of environmental protection by the majority of animal and plant security support, coupled with the strong cucci to join, look Come to this environmental trip is also a must.

Anyway, with the deepening of environmental protection, cucci little fans have also created a new concern, that is, since the elegant fur out of the stage of history, then cucci the main material of the next quarter what is it.

According to sources, although fur has been out of the stage, leather will be the darling of the new season gucci.

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